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  • Perseverance


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  • Blog Post

    By Michael Barbot NSCA, USAW, Pn1

    Do you remember that guy who walked into the gym everyday, checking his phone every two minutes, walked his way through his workout, and reached all his physique aspirations? 

    How about that overweight/unhealthy female that consistently strolls in late for training sessions and doesn’t try exercises because they are too challenging?

    There are rules to this game, People! Let’s go over some standard procedures for achieving goals and aspirations.


    1. Decide What you Want


      1. The first step towards success is deciding what you want to focus on.  This the chance to be as specific as possible.  Goals should have aspects of realistic completion as well as a hint of unrealistic aspirations.  Sometimes walking that fine line of logic/crazy just might land you somewhere you never thought was possible.
    2. Set a Timeline


      1. Obstacles will come along quite often along the journey towards success.  Failures and difficult moments will happen.  Setting a (realistic) timeline for the goals will assist in remaining focused on a goal in order to complete the task. 
    3. Focus and Refocus


      1. Have a smart phone, tablet, computer?  Constant reminders of the goal, on those seemingly important daily tools, is a great way to remind oneself of what is truly important (REDEFINE WHAT MATTERS).
    4. Train Like Nothing Else Matters


      1. Listening to music while training is not the worst thing to do but using music on a cell phone is a terrible idea.  It is too easy to become distracted by text messages, emails, calls, etc. Most cell phones have airplane mode which silences those distractions.  This is the time to be a bit selfish and turn away from everyone else.  No one out around is as invested in the goal as you are.  This is ME time! #meatballstrength
    5. Eat for Your Goals, Not Just Saity


      1. Many of us animals develop a healthy appetite when training properly and giving all efforts towards the goal.  Do not fall into the easy pitfalls of eating whatever just because the training is intense.  Plan ahead the night before you train. Looking for anything that will create that satisfied feeling of filling your stomach leaves us with the unsatisfying feeling of guilt.     
    6. Get to Bed


      1. Pay attention to how the body speaks.  Rest is constantly overlooked in the training process.  Rest consists of days off from strenuous lifting (depending on training level), myofascial release (foam roll, massages), joint flossing, static stretching (preferably post activity), and consistent rest at night.  Having a consistent resting schedule of at least eight hours is paramount. No excuses, make it happen.
    7. Continued Education


      1. One truth that never seems to change is that the fitness world is always developing and we can not be narrow minded.  Staying up to date on issues consistent with the goal is great way to increase success rate.  Find a seminar, class, certification that will positively reinforce your base of knowledge.
    8. Appreciate the Highs/Understand the Lows


      1. Finally, we get to that last but crucial mental aspect.  Along the road to success there will be numerous bumps in road, as well as little victories that can play games on an individual’s psyche.  Creating a filter in the mind to take in all the information and analyze will assist in keeping the lows from bringing someone down, as well as stopping the good times from creating a feeling a complacency.

    Everyday is an opportunity to develop, learn, and mature. Follow these rules to success and find out where you end up at the end of your journey.



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